Amy Hilarides developed the first comprehensive catered lunch program in Winnetka, Greeley Lunch Box in 2007, and the first Skokie School program, under the name of Sproutsville, Inc., in 2009.   Amy held countless community and church volunteer roles and PTO positions over 20 years in District #36, including PTO Chair, enabling a strong understanding of our schools, the PTO organization, parents, school administration, teachers and staff and the community overall.  Amy studied Finance in college and spent 15 years in the financial services industry.​

 All ​with a bit of fun thrown in!



Robert “Spider” Hilarides has consulted the last twenty years in food marketing management.  Besides large clients like Kraft, General Mills and Quaker, his focus has been on smaller companies in the health and sustainability arena, including environmentally-oriented firms like Seventh Generation and The Honest Company, and health-oriented companies like Sabra, Applegate Farms, Lightlife and Detour.  After earning his  MBA from Kellogg, he worked at Nabisco and Quaker Oats before shifting into a consulting role. He is a lifelong Winnetka resident and has led kids activities ranging from Adventure Guides/Princesses to soccer and baseball for over 20 years.​

​​And we believe in fun - ​we endeavor to bring a bit of joy into the world of school lunches for our children with special entrees, holiday meal celebrations and a periodic treat now and again.



We began creating comprehensive lunch programs in 2007.  We believed then, as we do even more strongly today, that the most successful school programs are those built upon a deep understanding of the interests and values of those they serve.  We believe in community engagement, data analysis and staying involved in site work.  With this, we believe we create the ideal balance between great tasting lunches kids love and the wholesome healthy service parents and schools want. ​ 

Good things come from good partnerships.  Together, we have achieved the following:

Sproutsville has been able to donate enough funds to purchase 2000 meals for the Blessed Orphanage in Tanzania, providing much needed support for these hungry children.  Additionally, Mary Lou's Place, a shelter right here in Evanston for battered women and their children, an Oak Park Catholic church supporting an underserved community, and local fire and police service men and women have been the recipients of innumerable Sproutsville meals over the last several years.

These lunch programs managed as fundraising vehicles for PTO enrichment activities have added notable value to all families in our school community, program participants and brown baggers alike.

​Countless Sproutsville donations have been made over the years to our schools and our community initiatives.​​

Our lunches are ordered online, prepared and delivered fresh daily.  They've been developed to provide well-balanced nutritious meals for our children.  Kids’ favorite entrees from local restaurants are identified and then improved upon to enhance their nutritional value. The lunches are made with fresh and organic ingredients, plenty of protein choices, whole grain options along with a variety of fresh seasonal fruit and steamed or fresh vegetables.