1.  Get the app!  Search for myFoodDays on your smart phone.  Download the free app, sign in and you are all set.  A simple touch to the app on your phone will automatically open the details of the next lunch you have ordered for your child.  Many children find it empowering to monitor their own lunches with direct access on their smart phone or iPad..

2.  On the order website, you can readily download all your lunch orders to your digital calendar for viewing on the go.

3.  You can also simply click the "print out your orders" on the website for posting in your home.


We'd love to hear from you!  

Please email your questions, comments and thoughts to Amy@Sproutsville.org

or call Amy at 847-917-7673 to speak with a real person.

​Food Allergens:  We are happy to work with parents regarding food allergies.  We do not include any peanut or tree nut ingredients in any of our meals.  It is important to note, though, that while our restaurants put forth a significant effort to prevent cross contamination, they cannot guarantee food preparation sites that are wholly free from common allergens.  Additionally, it is important to be aware that manufacturers of commercial foods may, at any time, change ingredients in their product, without notice. Families managing food allergies should be aware of this.  if food allergies or sensitivities are challenges you struggle with, please reach out to us and we will happily provide contact information for the companies we work with and urge you to reach out to them directly to address your questions and concerns.   This is an optional program for parents that choose to participate in if so inclined.  

Order Payment:  Orders placed must be paid for prior to the deadline date.  Be sure you receive an email confirming payment versus simply a listing of the items ordered.  If payment is not successfully made by the deadline date, the order in it's entirety will be removed.   Any changes made to your order once the order session has begun must be paid for at the time of placement.  At 4:00am each morning the system eliminates all unpaid orders placed within the last 24 hours.

Convenience Fee:  This fee is charged to cover the miscellaneous costs of providing an on-line lunch order service to our  lunch program participants.

Returned Checks:  The $40.00 bank fee attributed to these will be passed along to the ordering family whose check was returned.

Chargeback Fees: The chargeback fee is a $35.00 fee passed along by the credit card company when a correctly applied charge is later contested by the credit card owner.  This can occur with a lost or stolen credit card when an owner notifies the credit card company that all charges are unauthorized. It is important to be aware that the lunch program costs are charged on your card under the name of our order processor, myFoodDays.  If a correctly applied charge from myFoodDays is later contested as fraudulent, the $35.00 chargeback fee will be passed along to the ordering family.

Refund Policy:  Rather than refunds, credits will automatically be issued in the event of lunch changes or cancellations in advance of the deadlines.   A refund can be requested through the order website via the "Settings" tab in the "Account" box.